Best Family Law and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tampa and Jacksonville
With a combined 54 years of Florida Bar membership between them, brother and sister Scott A. Rosin and Marla J. Rosin have practiced primarily in the areas of bankrupcty and family law, including all litigation and appellate aspects of those areas. 
For most of his career Scott has focused on assisting Floridians with debt relief, foreclosure issues, and bankruptcy concerns.  He is fluent in Spanish, maintains an excellent relationship with his clients, and takes great pride in his work.
Marla enjoys the family law practice and has served clients in all aspects of family law, from winning contested step-parent adoptions, protecting client's rights at the appellate level, and helping father's win the primary care of their children in both paternity and dissolution of marriage cases.

Our aim is to provide unparalleled legal services from our offices in Tampa and Jacksonville​ "Like our grandfather Rosin before us and our many Paderewski and Rosin relatives, we are proud Floridians who love serving our community.  We learned respect, discipline and hard work from our father, Dr. Alexander P. Rosin, who served the Jacksonville community as an OB-GYN for many years.  It is in his honor as a humanitarian that we come together again as a team."
"What is hateful to thyself do not do to another."
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